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Discover Graphics Package

This is a magical image to appeal to children of all ages. It can be read as a bit Harry Potterish with a suggestion of wizardry and objects with special powers – that will have huge appeal to some children. But then try placing it with science books and it suddenly becomes a celebration of the power of science to unlock amazing discoveries.

You can use this superbly designed pack of display material with older and younger children at different times – it’s the books you put next to it that will define who comes to look. It’s also a great way to mix fiction and non-fiction to get children who stick to only one to consider crossing over.

  • 1 small sign to fit a Book Pod, Rocket Pod or equivalent
  • 1 large sign to fit a Book Table, Magazine Pod, Graphic Novel Pod or equivalent
  • 5 posters
  • 50 reader-to-reader cards for patrons to communicate with the library and each other
  • 10 Reader to Reader Frames for patrons or staff to write comments and place with a book on shelf
  • 500 bookmarks to use as promotional giveaways
  • 300 removable labels to go inside the books if staff or patrons wish to identify them as part of this promotion
  • Five table top easel signs– just fold out the back to create a freestanding showcard
  • One booklist with suggested titles to get you started
  • One header sign 8½” × 11”
  • One header sign 17” x 11”
  • Five 24”x17” posters
  • 50 reader-to-reader cards
  • 10 Reader to Reader Frames 3”H x 4 1/8”W x 5 11/16”D
  • 300 removable labels 5/8" x 1”
  • Five tabletop easel signs
  • One booklist with suggested titles
  • Freight charges are FOB shipping point, prepaid and added to your invoice
  • Shipments are made via UPS, FedEx Ground, US Postal Service, or common carrier, depending on size, weight and quantity of product ordered
Product code: GR-DP