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BookSpace Library Shelving

Bring your books alive and get kids reading with this exciting system! This library shelving moves way beyond book storage to actively engage your children.

The whole purpose is to make your books, magazines and DVDs look good so children will want to pick them up. We named the system BookSpace because it creates wonderful spaces for books.

Our friendly design team can help you plan dynamic and colorful library spaces using this innovative shelving system.

We provide FREE 2D layout plans and 3D visualizations to help you fundraise, present to Management Boards and convey the excitement that is possible with a new Opening the Book library design.

  • Hundreds of different configurations to suit any space
  • Heights for different ages and Shelves to suit both small and large books
  • Check out our Fun Features and integrated Seating to make a truly special place for children

BookSpace Wall Shelving

BookSpace comes in three heights, carefully designed to meet the needs of children of all ages. Opening the Book and Brodart dealers will work with you to choose the right height of shelves for different age groups so the books are easy to see and reach.

36”, 48” and 60” Bookcases
36”, 48” and 60” Bookcases

BookSpace Mid-floor Shelving

Double-faced shelves work well in mid-floor spaces where children can walk round and look from all sides. You have the same great choice of height, color and mix of shelves on these bookcases.

BookSpace mid-floor shelving

BookSpace Mobile Shelving

Attractive mobile shelving brings the flexibility you need to make the most of any library or learning commons space. BookSpace Mobile Shelving comes in two heights: 36” and 48” and in both Curved and Straight versions. These units are also available as Catalog items.

Curved Mobile Bookcase and Straight Mobile Bookcase
Curved Mobile Bookcase and Straight Mobile Bookcase

BookSpace Large and Small Shelves

Books come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and getting the right size of shelf for your books makes all the difference. Small books on large shelves look lost and waste valuable capacity; large books on shelves that are too small look squashed and put children off finding what they want.

Small and large shelves
Small shelves (left) for fiction and chapter books. Large shelves (right) for non-fiction and picturebooks.

Face-out Shelves and Spine-out Shelves

We know that if books are displayed face-out then children are more likely to pick them up and read them. We also know that space in a library can be an issue. We offer Face-out Shelves for display and Spine-out Shelves to maximize capacity. We can recommend the best mix to meet your requirements.

Face-out Shelves and Spine-out Shelves
Face-out shelves for display (left) and spine-out shelves (right) for capacity.

BookSpace Color Options

Base Colors can be specified for all parts of BookSpace Shelving.

Neutral colors for bookcase interiors and shelves.

Accent Colors can be specified for Top Caps and End Panels.

Accent colors for bookcase exterior ends and caps.

Wide range of custom colors also available


We supply a flexible, attractive signage system. A grooved Signage Block on top of the bookcase takes an acrylic Sign Holder into which a printed graphic is easily slipped in and out. As part of our design service, we can work with you to agree guiding for every bookcase.

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